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Journal of Indian Research accepts manuscripts of 10-25 double spaced pages (font should be Times New Roman 12) including references and notes.

The journal publishes theory-based and critical essays of the highest quality and book reviews in English. All papers are peer-reviewed by peers who are active in the relevant fields of research, before publication. Articles should be sent to

Submission of Typescripts
Contributors are requested to follow the Guidelines given below:-

The paper should be composed using MS Word 6.0 and above. An Abstract of about 100 words should be included to describe the main argument and the conclusions of the paper. The Abstract cannot contain endnote references.

The first sheet should carry details of the author's biodata (a brief resume of about 50 words), institutional affiliation, and the mailing address.

A signed declaration of originality and conformance to research ethics by the scholar should accompany the paper; also, that the paper has not been sent to any other journal for publication. The ongoing PhD scholar must submit a signed declaration from research guide also on the abovementioned aspect.

All diagrams, charts and graphs should be referred to as Figures and consecutively numbered (Fig.1, Fig.2, and so on). Tables should carry only essential data and should complement the text. They should carry the source at the bottom. Each table must be referenced in the text.

If actual statements or phrases are taken from another paper, the name of the author should be mentioned in the text and the chosen material should be placed within quotation marks with an appropriate reference. Author's acknowledgement(s) may be included at the end of the paper and before References/Endnotes begin.

Write dates by beginning with the month, followed by the date and the year (e.g.: September 11, 2001).

In the text, write numbers in words till the number nine and then in numerals (e.g.: two, four, nine; then 10, 11, 12 and so on).

Names of books, journals, newspapers and foreign terms in the body of the text should appear in italics.

References/Endnotes should be sequentially numbered.

The authors are responsible for accuracy of the references.

While referring to article , follow the example below:-

Bernard L. Simonin,, Ambiguity and the process of knowledge transfer in strategic alliances ,Strategic Management Journal, Volume 20, Issue 7, pages 595–623, July 1999.

Result Oriented Research Work Should be Submitted in the following format
  • Title page with Author's detail
  • Abstracts
  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Discussion
  • Reference in APA style