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The Journal of Indian Research (RNI: xxxx; ISSN: (Online) 2321 -4155) is a quarterly peer-reviewed, online, open-access (OA), journal supported by an editorial board comprising of subject matter experts drawn from all disciplines.
The main purpose of the Journal of Indian Research or JIR is to bring into focus the latest developments in the field of research by academicians and students. JIR publishes research papers on the topics related to science, engineering, information technology, arts, social science, law, management, commerce, etc. We welcome papers on topics related to core areas of research as well as on interdisciplinary topics. Please send your articles to
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Journal of Indian Research
Volume:4  ,Issue :4  January-December, 2016
Volume:3  ,Issue :4  October-December, 2015
Volume:3  ,Issue :3  July-September, 2015
Volume:3  ,Issue :2  April-June, 2015
Volume:3  ,Issue :1  January-March, 2015
Volume:8, Issue:2  JIR(APRIL-JUNE),2020
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